PLA comes in clear form, which is tinted with dyes; and solid colour that uses opaque pigments. Below is our usual colour range and a few special finishes that we do. We will make custom colours for 500m or more, and can supply any of the pigmented colours as High Impact or Impact Modified PLA on request.

Clear & Tinted Filaments

Diamond PLA
Sapphire PLA Makes a great TARDIS.

Sapphire PLA

Amber PLA Like amber traffic lights

Amber PLA

Ruby PLA The hue of cranberry juice.

Ruby PLA

Emerald PLA Great for printing trees

Emerald PLA


Clear PLA is available in 3mm and 1.75mm diameter filaments. There is no such thing as clear ABS, so we don’t have any.

Coloured Filaments

Coloured filaments vary slightly in physical properties due to the composition and densities of the pigments used. We are sane people and while not all our pigments are biodegradable, they are all non-toxic – even the glowing ones.

roll of white plastic

White PLA
A blank canvas.

roll of black pla

Black PLA
Glossy black, hides all sins

coil of red plastic

Cherry Red PLA
Great for toy cars & buses

Coil of orange plastic

Bright Orange PLA
Just right for tool handles

roll of kiwi lime pla

Kiwi Lime PLA
A popular green you can’t miss

Roll of green plastic

Kiwi Green PLA
A bit darker than the Lime Green

roll of dark brown plastic

Chocolate PLA
Just right for printing “wooden” models.

Roll of ivory-coloured plastic

Ivory PLA
Slightly creamy white, good for fangs

roll of pink pla

Bubblegum Pink PLA
Ideal for printing panthers, BBQ doll accessories etc.

roll of sky blue plastic

Sky Blue PLA
A light, vivid and yet opaque blue.

roll of blueberry pla

Blueberry PLA
Deep blue with a purple tint to it in the right light

roll of purple plastic

Grape PLA
Purple with a definite depth to it.

roll of Banana Yellow pla

Banana Yellow PLA
Bright, vivid and has a great print quality

Red Beech and Prosthetic Pink filament images to be added soon.

Coloured filaments are available in 3mm and 1.75mm diameter PLA and ABS, but note that the ABS colours will be slightly different as ABS is not clear.

Special Filaments

Special filaments are available in 3mm and 1.75mm diameter PLA and ABS, but note that the ABS effects will be slightly different as ABS is not clear.

roll of luminous plastic

Luminous PLA
Glows in the dark. Glares in UV!

Brassy-looking roll of plastic

Gold PLA
Brassy with sparkling golden bits.

roll of shiny plastic

Silver PLA
Shiny, with metallic silver sparkles

lilac plastic

Lilac Pearl PLA
Delicate lilac with a pearly sheen

7 comments on “Colours
  1. Arnaud says:

    Hi, writing from France. I would like to whether you had 50 meters of a 1.75mm or 2mm ivory cordon, in the most flexible but still solid btw PLA and ABS? If so, would you have an example (could you send me a pic on my email address) ? Tks a lot, bye.

  2. Matt F says:

    G’day guys

    Do you have soft PLA in 1.75mm, similar to the soft PLA that the Ultimaker guys use to simulate rubber type materials?



    • Vik Olliver says:

      No, sorry. We have something better but it’s still secret. I hope to have samples ready by the end of the month, but so far it’s held my shoe together for a couple of weeks.

  3. Darren Hobern says:

    Hi, do you know how well painting on white PLA works after printing? as its too hard to know where to change the colour and unreliable for detailed prints.

    • Vik Olliver says:

      The usual spray paints and model paints work well, but thin ones will run along the layers. Nail varnish softens it a bit first but not nearly as bad as it does ABS.

      Our favoured technique is to spray it with automotive filler/primer first to reduce colour bleed, sand, paint, and then varnish with clear automotive lacquer of the appropriate finish.

  4. Karel Vorel says:

    Good day. Deliver ABS 3 mm in silver color and price?
    thank you

    • Vik Olliver says:

      Yes Charles, We have some. NZ$50 for 100m (800g). I have recently entered shiping costs for the Czech Republic into the website 🙂 For airmail it would be an additional NZ$30. If you e-mail with your delivery address we will make the invoice for you by Paypal.

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