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New Spool size – 300m of 1.75mm

We’re introducing a new spool size for our 1.75mm filaments. It’s tricky stuff to handle in a roll without a core, and can get out of control. Also, 500m is a fair whack of filament. So we’re now selling it

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Online Store Upgrades

Our online store is now basically complete for 3mm PLA filament, and only lacking photos for the 3mm ABS. Our 1.75mm lines have only got basic placeholders at this point. Some of the hardware like extruders has been entered into

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We have a shopping cart

We’ve installed shopping cart software on the site, and the shopping cart is now operational in beta (as they say in the IT industry). Orders are still hand checked before you are charged, so panic not. If something doesn’t appear

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New Website Opens At Last!

We’ve finally got rid of the ropey old website, phew! Now everything should come here. Just as well that we’ve installed our second stock rack of PLA. We’ll have to make one for the ABS now.

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Diamond Age Solutions is open for business!

We’re proud to announce that Vik is now running Diamond Age Solutions Ltd. full-time. This means you get our undivided attention when supplying quality PLA and RepRap components proudly made in New Zealand! Just pick what you want from our

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Rainbow Pack

Get a Rainbow Value Pack. 10 off 100m x 3mm different PLA rolls +1 more FREE! Order using the "Rainbow Pack" item via the Shop tab.

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