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Grab Bags

We’ve introduced Grab Bags – 5 spools or rolls of standard filament at 10% off. They’re all different colours, but we get to pick which ones from our stock in hand. It’s a simple deal that gets you our usual

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Solvent for PLA now in trials

We’ve managed to find a local manufacturer of a solvent for PLA. This allows the lucky people with dual extruders to use PLA as a soluble support material for ABS. You simply drop the part into the solvent, warm to

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Now available – Virgin Black PLA at no extra charge

One of the common things plastics manufacturers do – including us – is to recycle the remains of a coloured run into the black, traditionally run last. It looks the same because it’s all loaded with carbon black pigment. We

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2013 Kicks off, doors open

We’ve slept off the Xmas pud and pulled down all the decorations. The doors are open and it’s back to business again.

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Happy New Year 2013!

We’re still open, but operating in Party Mode until we bail everyone out after the New Year celebrations 🙂 We wish all our clients and followers an amazing 2013!

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Mocca Chocolata Released Into The Wild

In the care of her new keeper, Roger, the Rroofl RepRap Mocca Chocolata has been released into the wild, with a kilo if filament to see her through until she is established in her natural habitat. We will take pictures

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Alpha RepRap Test Client Installed in Workshop

Test subject “Roger” has been unleashed upon our first Alpha Kit. In yesterday’s half-day session he managed to turn this: Into this: We wish him luck in today’s session and recognize the great sacrifice he his making to smooth the

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Also Green And Kiwi

No, not the fruit. Our mate Phil Court of Greenstage was showing off his Open Source electric racing car that looks set to do exciting things in hill-climbing. I’m just itching to see this beast in action: Anyhow, they needed

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We won an award!

Our printable exhibition, “Whisper Down The Lane” won won this year’s biennial NZ Open Source Award in the Arts! Well, when I say “we” it’s Bronwyn Holloway-Smith’s party and well done Bron, Antony Pelosi, Nick Graham, Aaron Lister, David Cross,

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Surviving without Interwebs

We’re running off cellphones at the moment. We are assured that the technology required to connect us to the internets is available in NZ in as little as 5 days. The marvellous pace of technology in these isles… Meanwhile our

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Rainbow Pack

Get a Rainbow Value Pack. 10 off 100m x 3mm different PLA rolls +1 more FREE! Order using the "Rainbow Pack" item via the Shop tab.

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