Events -Coming up in March and April

Hi all, if you have been want to see our printers in action but haven’t been able to make it to the workshop, and you’re in the Auckland area, then you’re in luck!

On March 29th we will be having a ball at MOTAT during the Science Street Fair

On April 11th we will be at the Auckland Hobby Fair geeking out with fellow crafters.

Got a event you want to see us at? Comment below or send us a email to and we might be able to come!

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2 comments on “Events -Coming up in March and April
  1. John Shaw says:

    So many questions! I have two inventions on the go that each require a small, circular and tapered plastic extrusion that is about 15mm in diameter at its widest and 150 mm long. I have handbuilt the original and I have a really good 3d scanner that has produced fantastic 3d graphics and data for these and so to keep the design reasonably secret I am thinking of buying a 3d printer, one, to produce prototype pieces for further research and two, to produce copies of the final design in reasonable numbers. Can you give me any idea of the speed that 3d printers work at or how long it would take to produce a single item described above and whether they can run continuously without damage? I like the look of your larger model and your informative website plus of course the fact that you are in NZ so if your answer to my query is at all favourable I would like to come up to Auck to have a more indepth discussion on the subject especially relating to materials and their properties. Sorry this is so long winded.
    John Shaw
    0274 507995

    • Kate Olliver says:

      Hi John,

      Sorry for the delay in response! It looks like the email notification of your comment got lost somewhere in the wires.
      Our 3D printers can print an object that size quite quickly – around 15 minutes using medium quality settings. Some parts of the object might be too small to get good resolution on, though – email to discuss this confidentially.
      Our printers can run continuously no problem – it’s common for us to run a printer for days at a time without stopping, and can print multiple objects at the same time so you don’t have to keep starting and stopping. Feel free to stop by our workshop next time you’re in Auckland!

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