Slic3r Configurations
Flashing new firmware
Uploading new EEPROM Settings

Slic3r Configurations

Our current Slic3r configuration batch contains the following:


Print Settings

0.15mm Layer Height, support turned on

Filament Settings

3mm Filament, 200C/190C you will need to change to your own printer temperatures

Printer Settings

0.45mm Nozzle, Mako print bed size

0.45mm Nozzle, Moa print bed size



To import, unzip the files, then go to your config settings.

Screenshot from 2014-08-06 14:48:28


Then the ‘File’ menu, Load Config.


Screenshot from 2014-08-06 14:56:58

New Firmware

Sometimes your Arduino will need updating, be it due to a accidental overwrite or a upgrade to a LCD driven printer. This requires settings tailored specifically for the type of printer you have, something that can be quite confusing without practice. So we have gathered together all the info needed to re-flash your firmware below.

First off, you need to download the Arduino IDE and install it. If you haven’t installed Repetier already, do it now. Also plug in your printer into a USB port on your computer.



Once that has occurred, you need to open, and set up the Arduino IDE for “Arduino Mega 2560”.

This is done by going to

Tools >Board >Arduino Mega 2560 or Mega ADK

Download and unzip the Diamond Age Firmware. This will create three items, a folder named ‘Repetier’, and two files called ‘Mako’ and ‘Moa’.

Open the Repetier.ino file in the Repetier folder via the Arduino IDE. Hit Verify, then Upload.


copyright to University of California


Patching the EEPROM for your model is only needed for Mako and Moa. (MakoLite / DMvII does not need this patch!)

Open Repetier and connect to your printer. Click on Config > Firmware EEPROM Configuration, then select “Load EEPROM Data” and load either the ‘Mako.epr’ or ‘Moa.epr’ depending on your printer model.

Well done, you have successfully flashed your Arduino!



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