Roll Holder

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Prefer to buy your filament in our 100m rolls? Find that your filament gets tangled? If yes to both, you might want to buy one of our Lotus Root Roll Holders. Available in plain MDF, Gunmetal Grey, Matte Black or painted your colour of choice. If you’d rather make your own, you can find the plans here. If you’d rather print a roll holder yourself, we’d recommend one of these.

To use, simply undo the bolts, put your roll between on one of the two side panels, add the smaller spacers onto to the bolts to the desired width and place the remaining side panel on top. Do up the nuts and you’re ready to print. Make sure you start your filament feeding from the outside edge of the roll to prevent tangles. The diameter of the hole through the middle is 22.5mm, to fit our Mako and Moa 3D printers.

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Custom Colour, Gunmetal Grey, Matt Black, MDF Unpainted


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