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Current Trending Colours: Diamond, Banana Yellow, and White

18 Mar 14


by Tamara

That’s right folks, we’ve got new filament coming out of our ears! Vik’s been busy in the workshop and has managed to create three new filaments.


NEW Cornflower Blue PLA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       This beauty , colloquially known in the workshop as ‘Lego Blue’, is a great colour for those who want a solid equivalent of our transparent Sapphire PLA. Currently it comes in 3mm x 100m Rolls, 3mm x 125m Spools , and 1.75mm x 100m Rolls, but this can easily change with enough interest.

NEW Black + White HIPS

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is used as a alternative to ABS and as a support material due to it’s ability to dissolve in limonene. Currently available as  3mm x 100m Rolls, mm x125m Spools, 1.75mm x 100m Rolls, and 1.75mm x 300m Spools.

NEW Super-Clear PET-G


PET-G is a remarkably transparent plastic with good flexibility. It is often used for soda bottles and is easy to print with. Currently, it comes in 3mm x 100m Rolls, 3mm x 125mm Spools, 1.75mm x 100m Rolls, and 1.75mm x 300m Spools.

If you have any questions about our new filaments, or are curious to what else is in the works, email us at or pop in to the shop for a chat.

25 Jul 13

T5 Pulleys are back!

by Tamara

Our T5 Aluminium 10-Tooth Pulleys are finally in stock, and at a cheaper price too! Handily provided with two fitting grub screws these beauties are now only $15.oo excl. GST + PostageT5_Pulley

05 May 13

Solvent for PLA now in trials

by Vik Olliver

We’ve managed to find a local manufacturer of a solvent for PLA. This allows the lucky people with dual extruders to use PLA as a soluble support material for ABS. You simply drop the part into the solvent, warm to 60C and swirl. The solvent is slightly flammable but otherwise not particularly hazardous, and does not include anything restricted for drug or explosive manufacture etc. The solvent contains a simple catalyst which is hard to recover, but the bulk of the solvent can be reclaimed, in theory at least.

So if this is what you’ve been waiting for give us a call on 09 215 6091 and we’ll fill you in.

Remember, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate :)

Vik :v)

04 May 13

Flyer Mis-prints

by Tamara

Hello All,

Due to the speed at which our flyers were designed, I accidentally left some wrong pricings on there in regards to the 3mm, where the ’300m’ should be a ’1kg’. I apologize to anyone who got a bit hopeful.


24 Apr 13

Makertorium and some slight delay issues

by Tamara

First off, Diamond Age Solutions will be manning a stall at this weekend’s Makertorium at Te Papa Museum  in Wellington, New Zealand. Entry is free from 10am to 6pm, so come and have a look!

Secondly, the bad news. Both Vik and Ania are unwell, while Suz and Tamara will be unavailable from Thursday 25th- Tuesday 30th April 2013 due to Makertorium. This means that some of your orders may be a bit delayed, which we are very sorry about. We’ll still be checking our emails though, so we can still take orders and answer questions.

Again, apologizes for the disruption,

Tamara Olliver

Office Manager

14 Mar 13

Rroofl Kit Version 1.0 now available!

by Tamara

We have now added our new Rroofl Kit (Version 1.0) to the website, which will soon be joined by our ‘Standard M6 Brass Extruder Tips’, and our ‘RepRap Seconds’ (which will be priced per plastic weight and that’s it). If there are any other products you’d like to see, feel free to suggest some!

17 Feb 13

Now available – Virgin Black PLA at no extra charge

by Vik Olliver

One of the common things plastics manufacturers do – including us – is to recycle the remains of a coloured run into the black, traditionally run last. It looks the same because it’s all loaded with carbon black pigment. We don’t need a photo of black do we? Good.

This is a sensible environmental behaviour, but makes the melting point of the black a little variable as it will have other pigments mixed in with it. All the different colours have slightly different melting points and viscosity, as they’re all – pretty obviously – different materials.

So, as we get a lot of perfectionists using our PLA who want it to do exactly the same thing every time, we’ve marked some pristine batches of 1kg Black spool just for them. You can now request our “Virgin Black PLA” if you e-mail sales at the time of your order, though stocks are limited – on the plus side, no extra charge! Do give us your feedback on this one.

Vik :v)

31 Jan 13

To our Australian customers

by Tamara

We’re just updating our postage currently, so there may be some bugs. Feel free to contact us at with any concerns.



07 Jan 13

2013 Kicks off, doors open

by Vik Olliver

We’ve slept off the Xmas pud and pulled down all the decorations. The doors are open and it’s back to business again.

29 Dec 12

Happy New Year 2013!

by Vik Olliver

We’re still open, but operating in Party Mode until we bail everyone out after the New Year celebrations :)

We wish all our clients and followers an amazing 2013!