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48 comments on “Contact us
  1. alaster says:

    If I have a full 3d image can I chose to only print a small region instead of the whole item at a certain thickness?
    E.g. if I had a scanned image of a Buddha statue and only wanted to print the head / part of the face like a mask at a certain thickness would the software and printer let me do that as a standard function ?

    • Ollie says:

      Hi Alaster,

      Sadly the software we have doesn’t allow for that. We can print upwards of a set point at a lower density by slicing the object twice at the differing densities, and then splicing the code together manually. However, this is not recommended for beginners!

  2. Derek says:


    I see you can produce filament at requested diameters.

    If you can make at 2 mm or just a bit larger would be OK

    I do not require a tight tolerance.

    How much for a minimum quality of 2 mm diameter in kiwi green?

    Thank you


  3. Rose says:

    I’m just wondering what is the equivalent weight for your filament spools? Other stores sell their filament in 1lb or 1kg spools. What is the equivalent in meters? And what is the diameter of your spools? need to make sure it will fit in my printer

    • Kate Olliver says:

      Hi Rose,

      Ollie’s responded to your email, but for everyone else reading, our 125m 3mm diameter PLA spools are 1 kilo, and so are our 300m 1.75mm diameter PLA spools.
      The diameter of our spools varies between 1.75 and 3mm filament, and you can find the measurements on our FAQ page along with a helpful diagram.

  4. Paul Breuker says:

    Do you have a user guide on using the inbuilt repetier 0.82.2?

  5. Jennie says:

    Is PET-G result in a soft flexible plastic product, softer than a drink bottle plastic?

    • Tamara says:

      No, it results in the hard, but slighly flexible plastic exactly like a drink bottle as this is what they are made of.

  6. steve pipe says:

    I am looking for a reliable 3D printer for my wonderful students at Te Aroha College. What does the maintenance program look like for these 3d printers? How often do parts need relacing based on hours used?
    Steve Pipe
    HOD Technology and Design
    Te Aroha College

    • Tamara says:

      Hi Steve,

      The main things that will need replacing are the filament (dependant on use, for obvious reasons), silicone grease on the rails for smooth printing (2-3 weeks), and sometimes the gears on the extruder (3-4 months). If you are using a glass bed like the one on ours, then the bed will need to be cleaned and re-covered in Pritt Stick (Glue stick) every week. Very rarely the belts need to be tightened, but that depends on the type of belt used.

    • steve pipe says:

      I would like to pay you guys a visit tomorrow at about 10.30 i.e. Saturday 5th July in about 25hours time. Is this OK?
      Steve Pipe

      • Tamara says:

        That should be fine, but none of the workshop staff will be in. If you want to see the construction of the printers, then visiting on a weekday is the best time.

        • steve pipe says:

          Would I be able to bring up a very simple stl format file eg a 64 X 64 X 6 SQUARE with four 16 DIA holes and you load it onto one of the $2500 machines and see it print this out?
          Thanks Tamara

        • steve pipe says:

          OK Tamara. Will be able to visit on Tuesday week 15th July. Looking forward to see the best 3D printers on the planet. 🙂

  7. Dave Housley says:

    Hi Vic
    have tried running my printer as I told you yesterday, thanks for the offer of looking into the programme but last night I found the glitch (or I hope so) and printed out a full nautilus shell which has a wall thickness of 1mm. It took two and a half hours which was not bad it will probably look awesome in ivory.
    Dave H

  8. Chris says:

    Hi, is it okay if I drop by tomorrow for a chat and a look around? I’ve got an idea for a build based on a Mendel90 and I’d appreciate an expert opinion.

  9. gost says:

    I have been going through your website and couldn’t find out your opening hours are, and do you open on weekends as i would like to come in sometime and have a look before i buy.

    • Tamara says:

      We’re open on Saturdays 10:00am-4:00pm but as we live on site alternative hours are easy to arrange.

  10. Paul Doherty says:

    I have a CubeX. Have you looked at refilling their very expensive cartridges ?

    • Tamara says:

      Yes, we have. The manufacturers have made it deliberately difficult, the best thing we can recommend is to use your CubeX to print a RepRap that can take various manufacturers filaments, including ours :D. (We like the Rroofl frame, and of course our DiamondMind is up on Thingiverse). Best to keep in mind that 3mm extruders are cheaper to run.

  11. Patrick Neal says:

    I am investigating a 3D printer for a high school, for the kids to use, but also building it as professional development for dpt. staff You mention a kiwi-fied mendel kit. What sort of $$ are we talking and are their plans avaialble?
    Patrick Neal
    HOD Technology
    Hillmorton High School

  12. Jon Rose says:

    Hello Vik, been following on facebook, first time on your site. Solvent for pla? Could that be used like acetone on abs, to smooth out the finished print? or does it just melt like a ice cream in the sun?



  13. Antonio says:

    Hi, do you send PLA 3mm 1Kg on Spool to Brazil. What the cost for shipping, your small cost.
    Best Regards

  14. Ken says:

    Dear, do you sell the PLA Filament 3mm Bubblegum Pink by 1 roll to postcode 4227 in Australia?
    If yes, please advise of cost, as I need a quality Filament PLA which is glossy, not matt, as glossy sticks better on the 1st layer to the bed.
    Yours sincerely,

  15. jeremy sales says:

    Rroofl Kit Version 1.0 does this kit contain everything, including laser cut parts etc for assembly?

    And does it have SD card support what electronics does it use etc

  16. Edgars says:

    Hello, do you ship to the Netherlands?
    I can not calculate it.
    If so, how much would the shipping cost for sending 1x 1.75mm PLA 100m rol and 1x 1.75mm ABS 100m rol?
    Do you have also secification sheet from PLA white and ABS white bouth 1.75mm?

    Thanks in advance!

    Regards Edgars

  17. skip says:

    do u sell plastic parts for a prusa mendle ?

    • Vik Olliver says:

      Yes, we do, and also the sturdier Rroofl. We do it as part of our unofficial print service and it usually works out at around NZ$100 for a set (as per RepRap wiki) plus shipping & GST. E-mail sales and we’ll sort you out.

  18. Andrew s says:

    Do you have hips 3mm filament?

  19. Arkady Tan says:

    Hi, do you ship to Singapore?
    If so, how much would the shipping cost for sending 3x 1.75mm PLA 100m rolls?
    Also how many metres of 1.75 PLA are there in a 1Kg spool?


    • Tamara says:

      Hi Arkady,

      We do ship to Singapore (the website has now been updated), the cost of sending 3x PLA 1.75mm 100m Rolls would be NZD$48.
      Unfortunately, we do not yet sell 1.75mm in 1kg spools. The closest you would get would be a 300m Spool which weights around 0.9kg.

      Hope this helps,
      Tamara Olliver

  20. Nic Roche says:

    What 3mm ABS filament do you sell on spool. The last 100m rolls I got would snag easily…

  21. George Timmermans says:


    I really like the look of the 1.75mm PLA bright orange.
    Will it become available in 300 meters on a spool?

    Kind regards,


  22. Cheong Mun Chun says:

    Hi, would like to buy 2 spools of black HIPLA however the after selecting my country and click on calculate, nothing happen. I am from Singapore. Would also like to know the price is in which currency, the $87 HIPLA black is in 100m or 300m and the weight of one spool. Thank you.

    • Vik Olliver says:

      We have not yet entered the shipping table for Singapore. Please e-mail your order to and someone will create an invoice with airmail included for you to examine.

      100m does not have a spool – it is just a coiled roll, nothing in the middle. 1.75mm weighs about 0.3kg, 100m 0.9kg

      300m of 1.75mm PLA or HIPLA weighs approx 1.1kg including the spool. i.e. the spool is approx 0.2kg

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